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All You Need to Know About PAT Testing

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All You Need to Know About PAT Testing

PAT testing, otherwise known as portable appliance testing, is the act of ensuring your electrical appliances are safe and up-to-scratch. Without annual PAT testing, you can leave your business and employees open to risk. This is because there are potentially more health and safety hazards. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about PAT testing.

What is PAT testing?

A PAT test is essentially an inspection that involves checking your appliances are safe. This usually involves a visual inspection of the appliance, as well as its plug and lead. 

Typically, a registered electrician will also use a machine called a portable appliance tester. The appliance that is due to be tested will then be plugged into it, and power will be sent through the wires of the machine, monitoring what it receives back and telling the user whether or not it is safe.

Why is PAT testing important?

PAT testing is a legal requirement for many commercial, residential and industrial properties. So, if you are a landlord or employee, you must have regular PAT tests conducted in order to abide by legal and contractual obligations. The current laws which apply to PAT testing are The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

Not only that, but PAT testings are vital to ensure your appliances are running safely, and prevent any potential hazards. Electrical appliances can become damaged over time, causing faults or health and safety risks, so it’s essential to regularly check them.

How often do I need to have PAT testing done?

The frequency of PAT testing can differ, depending on your type of equipment, but they should always be performed regularly to minimise risks.

Class 1 equipment should be inspected every four years, while portable equipment needs to be tested every two years.  Appliances and equipment that are more frequently used should be tested every 12 months.

Can I do PAT testing myself?

Due to the nature of PAT tests and the potential danger, they should only be carried out by licensed and registered electricians

Can electricians do PAT testing?

Electricians can safely perform PAT tests and ensure your appliances are legal and hazard-free, providing they are registered. RCH Electrical is annually inspected by the NICEIC to ensure that its systems of work and health and safety are in compliance with the NICEIC rules.

How can you find a registered PAT tester?

RCH Electrical has registered electricians who specialise in performing safe and efficient PAT tests. Get in contact with us today to enquire about your PAT testing.

Find out more about our PAT testing services.


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